The Essence Of Seeking The Services Of A Car Accident Lawyer In Austin

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Unfortunately, the rate of car accidents in Texas, US, has risen significantly. While most accidents are just that, accidents, some are caused by the negligence and carelessness of people. When one is involved in an accident within Austin, Texas, it is prudent for them to immediately contact a good and competent attorney. This is because often, many people are not prepared to admit liability or take responsibility of their actions. In order to protect one's interests after the occurrence of an accident, it is wise to hire a good car accident lawyer in Austin.




Reasons for Hiring a Car accident Lawyer Austin

Even though no one intentionally plans to cause or be involved in a car accident, factors like negligence and utter carelessness must also be taken into consideration. When one is seriously injured in an accident, their life changes from that moment of impact. Disabilities and large medical expenses are a huge burden and inconvenience. For this reason, it is only fair that the other party assumes responsibility for part of or all of the costs. Below are some of the main reasons why hiring a lawyer is a prudent cause of action.

Complex Legal Formalities Required in Lawsuit

The process of suing someone may be long, tedious and complex. Filing the lawsuit requires strict adherence to complex rules such as proper citation of legal precedent and font size used in filing claims as well as determining what evidence is admissible in court. Other complicated issues related to a lawsuit include the discovery process, presenting witnesses, phrasing of questions in court and extensive legal research required to get acquainted with the legal process.

An experienced lawyer knows how to quickly and efficiently handle the law suit and increase the chances of a win. They also ensure that one does not jeopardize their right to sue. Additionally, lawyers handle issues like filing police reports, collecting evidence to build the case and ensuring that the case is moving forward at a reasonable pace.

Limited Time to Sue

The state of Texas has a time limit of two years for filing an accident claim. This means that failure to sue the other party within this time means that one gives up their right to sue.

Handling Insurance Companies

While most insurance companies protect their clients and compensate for damages, all insurers aim to lower overhead costs and make profit. Since the agenda of the insurer is different from that of the claimant, it is important to hire a Car Accident Lawyer Austin to counter the insurer's team of professional and experienced attorneys.

One May not Fully Comprehend all their Potential Damages

There are many potential damages that are awarded to accident victims. These include medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, pain and suffering as well as loss of companionship for loved ones. A competent attorney will be able to factor in all these damages and ask for a reasonable settlement.

Advice on Settlement Options

Often, most lawsuits are settled out of a law court. This means that the defendant or their insurer will most likely present the plaintiff with a settlement offer. Hiring a lawyer allows one to properly evaluate and value the offer made and decide whether to take it or not. Accepting a settlement means that one gives up their right to sue the defendant.

Preventing Financial Loss

In order to recover costs incurred after an accident such as medical bills and legal expenses, one must win their law suit. Even though many car accident attorneys work on a contingent basis, there are other legal expenses incurred through the life of the case.

When to Hire a Competent Car Accident Attorney in Austin

Often, simple cases do not require the services of an attorney. These include circumstances where the other party admits liability and their insurance company agrees to pay a reasonable settlement. In addition, one incurs little to no expenses as a result of the accident. However, often such cases rarely exist and car accidents are messy, complicated and expensive. Therefore, it is important to seek the services of a competent and seasoned accident attorney in one or more of the following circumstances:

  • When Dealing with an Insurance Company

Generally it is important to hire an attorney before dealing with an insurer. This is because many companies may take advantage of the legal ignorance of claimants and offer low settlement for damages than what they are entitled. Other times, the company may deny paying a claim and further refuse to reconsider their position. Having a lawyer present prevents the insurer from taking advantage of a claimant.

  • Expensive Medical Bills

If one incurs minimal medical expenses after an accident, that they can cover out-of-pocket, then there is no need for hiring legal representation or suing for damages. However, hefty medical bills that cause serious financial strain should be covered by the party at fault. It is thus prudent to hire a lawyer in order to sue for damages.

  • Serious Injuries and Incapacitation

When one is seriously injured or disabled from an accident, they should hire the services of a competent lawyer before suing for damages. This is because, the higher the claim made the more the at-fault party or their Insurer will deny payment. It is thus important to hire a seasoned attorney.


While settling a claim personally is possible, it is not advisable. This is because unless one is able to do extensive research and learn about the legal process required to sue for damages, wining a case is quite difficult without the services of a competent car accident lawyer Austin.


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